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Silica Sand Sweepers

Silica Sand Sweepers
The Roll & Comb 141 E-V19 is designed to maintain the artificial turf of paddle tennis courts. It helps to clean and remove sand from the turf while combing and lifting the grass pile. Its light weight and adjustable handle design makes it easy to use and position for the correct working position. Easy to transport and store. Patented utility model....
Silica Sand Sweepers


ROLL&COMB 502 artificial grass sweeper/brush equipped with a resistant nylon bristle roller-brush of excellent quality for an impeccable result, removes and decompacts silica sand while lifting the hair. Very light, efficient and manoeuvrable, thanks to its light weight and wheels. With folding handlebars and removable bag for easy transport and...


The Smoothing Broom with 4 replaceable broom parts is the ideal maintenance device for quartz sand courts. The aluminium base frame has net guards on each side. Complete with a two-part, sturdy aluminium pulling handle, width 200 cm and yellow plastic bristles.

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