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The KIDS Serve Master is a great help to improve the technique of tennis service and tennis and paddle tennis spikes for children under 10 years old.

The Serve Master helps to improve rhythm, coordination and fluidity of movement.

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This product accelerates the learning curve in a stroke as complex as the service.

The Serve Master is a plastic element weighing 60 cm and 255 grams, with a grip at one end and a ball shape at the other for added weight.

Using the Serve Master you begin to feel how you should relax your wrist and "tighten" the grip, and drop the weight from the head of the racket.

Try a few minutes with the Serve Master and then transfer the sensations to the racket movement.

You can also use it to improve your groundstrokes.

"This training aid is ideal for any player starting out or improving their serve movement; it is a great aid for improving grip relaxation, continental grip use and pronation improvement.

Wayne Ferreira (Former ATP #6; Coach & Mentor); Rosie Bareis (Top Tennis Academy; Former US #1; World Class Junior Developer)