CuboPlus is the best high capacity pressurizer, which has been designed to recover the original pressure of the tennis and paddle balls, and have them always perfect for matches and training.

If you are a Tennis or Paddle teacher YOU MUST USE CUBOPLUS.

Optionally you can choose to include a high quality BETO pump in the drop-down menu, see image.

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CuboPlus is the most optimized, studied, lightweight, and effective pressurizer on the market that will give you the highest return in the shortest time possible.

We put the balls in, close the CuboPLus and by means of a pump or a compressor we give air pressure to the interior of the Cube creating a pressurized environment around the balls so that they are wrapped in compressed air (pressurized air).

In this way, as long as you don't play, the balls will recover their original pressure over time: a weekend, a week, a month, a year, ... so that they are in perfect condition until the next time you play with them.

You will save a lot of money quickly throughout the year by multiplying the life of the ball boxes.

As soon as you have finished playing or training your racket sport, you should insert 1 to 103 balls into the CuboPlus and place the lid on top with the patented sealing system so that the internal pressure does not escape.

With the new CuboPlus you can store as many balls as you need without having to leave it full with 103 balls and fill/complete the space left free with compressed air.

Place the tips of your feet on the sides of the CuboPlus so that it can be secured and does not move.

Close the lid with a slight turn of the hand.

Attach the 8 silver lever locks to the lid to secure the product as much as possible so that no air can escape.

Remove the Schrader valve cap and attach a foot pump or air compressor.

Pump air inside up to 21PSI. The safety valve installed in the cap will remove the excess air from the interior once the 25PSI is exceeded.

By increasing the internal pressure of the CuboPlus with compressed air, we create a pressurized environment inside and thus the balls are NOT able to remove their internal pressure by RECOVERING THE PRESSURE after each workout.

Leave the product in storage until the next time you go to play or train.

Before reopening the CuboPlus it is very important to remove the air from the interior by pulling the ring on the exhaust valve to remove the internal pressure.

Release the lever locks and open the lid.