The Tennis balls and Paddle have a very short life since you take them out of their original container.
They lose their pressure quickly once the despresurizas from its original packaging.
This causes to decrease the bounce of the ball and stay soft (no pressure).

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Tuboplus is a cylindrical boat, where there are three balls of Tennis and Paddle, which consists of two parts. A lower part where they are introduced to the three balls and an upper part which wraps around to the bottom and it fits perfectly.

Its operation is very easy and quick, you just need to fit the part A, part B (which is where they get the balls), and with a simple gesture of thread we create a perfect habitat with a high pressure to the balls, where can not lose pressure.

Both parties, by means of a screw-patented, generate an internal pressure within the pot 14 PSI, greater than the one who has the ball in its inside, creating a vacuum as it makes the pot original where they come from the factory balls, as if you never had depressurized.

Keep the balls perfect as the first day.
To put the balls in your Tuboplus nothing more to finish it of play to the foot of the track, these come in the tube in the hot state and with a high pressure, fast-paced, keeping your original pressure without exit to the outside of the same.

The balls are worn not only by use, but by the loss of pressure while you are stopped and inactive.
Thanks to Tuboplus we got back to exert that external pressure, (inside the pot), which is higher than the internal, (inside the ball), when you save them and keep the balls freshwithin Tuboplus, avoiding the loss of pressure of the balls and playing like the first time that the estrenaste.

This makes our balls are like new after each match, with the savings that this means for our pocket and the medical advantages that it causes as they play with balls that have lost their original pressure means there is a greater stress on the joints of the spine, knees, and especially elbows, as you will need to perform all of the hits with more force, compensating also the deformation of the ball movement forced and shock compensated.

¡¡¡If you play with balls with the proper pressure, thanks to Tuboplus, forget about the tennis elbow!!!

To be able to reuse the balls that we purchased, getting a pot optimum of the ball, prevent injury, save money to buy a lot less of the ball and pollute the environment less.

Because it is easy to use, comfortable and economic.
With a simple gesture of the thread with hands, we gain an internal pressure inside the pot to keep the balls new as the first day.