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About us

Technology Sport was created in 2004, by its founders Alfonso Gazol and Fernando Delgado.

10 years later both co-founders continue with the maximum enthusiasm in a project that as the years go by is gaining strength.

Our mission was to modernise the teaching of tennis and padel in Spain, with the introduction of materials and services hitherto unknown in this country.

The project was a very risky one, but the tireless work and the knowledge of the founding partners meant that Technology Sport had an outstanding presence in the sector from the very beginning.

The collaboration with the teaching area of the RFET gave us credibility and value in these beginnings, 10 years later we continue to collaborate successfully.

Apart from this collaboration we have not stopped these 10 years to partner with some of the best companies in training and services for tennis and padel.

We believe that commercial alliances enrich companies and more importantly offer added value to their customers.

In the early years, the main focus was on technical products dedicated to tennis coaches, products that helped to improve the value and image of their classes.

Soon came the BOOM of padel and the market of coaches and professionals was very receptive to our products and every day it is more common to see specialized materials in padel classes, and we can be proud that many of them are Technology Sport materials.

In 2010 a strong trend of physical training began and at that time we were already positioned with the idea of including the physical part in the training sessions, so we further strengthened that part of the company.

In 2014 there was a point and apart and that is the collaboration with the Andalusian Tennis Federation, where we have a technological classroom in their facilities and where we support and collaborate with them in the area of high performance.

We also offer discounts and exclusive promotions to all clubs and members of the FAT.

In 2017 we decided to partner with a prestigious manufacturer of nets with which we create under our experience in the sector customized and exclusive nets.

Finally, in 2022 we started our own production of exclusive Technology Sport products that we export inside and outside Europe.

Today, due to our business expansion and international expansion, we have moved our facilities to a new address, Av. Guadarrama 12, local 6, 28229, Villanueva del Pardillo, Madrid.

Today we can define our company with the following values:

- Modernity and Innovation.

- Experience and knowledge of the sector.

- Wide range of quality and variety.

- Specialised services.

- Very advantageous purchasing conditions.

- EXCLUSIVITY and representation of the best specialised brands.

- Comprehensive service for tennis players and coaches.

- Technology.


The 5 areas that make up Technology Sport since 2004 are: