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The workout rope for your cardio workout. An effective rope workout for high speed, endurance, torso stability, shoulder strength and arm strength - this swinging rope is the perfect training equipment for your indoor and outdoor workout!

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How it works and who it's suitable for:

Fix the rope in the centre (e.g. on an anchor or around a tree), grab the ends of the rope by the sheathed handles and make it vibrate.
The intensity is determined by the speed and rhythm of the arm movements.
Variety is ensured by the use of different techniques and variations.
Suitable for professionals and beginners.
Other advantages:

The special structure of the material prevents fraying and ensures long durability.
The comfortable rubber grips on the ends of the rope ensure an optimal grip during all exercises.
The 35 mm diameter is ideal for a good grip on the rope and is designed for any size of hand.
The balanced length and approximately 10 kg weight make the rope the perfect sports rope for all types of sports.

product information:

Very high quality processed.
Ends with anti-slip grips for optimum grip.
diameter: 35 mm.
weight: approx. 10 kg.
Material: Polyester.