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F15 MT-300B
F15 MT-300B
F15 MT-300B
F15 MT-300B

F15 MT-300B

New Electronic Stringing Machine F15 MT-300B

Electronic constant tension system with an innovative release mechanism in the quick release. Tapping the side of the quick release mechanism automatically activates the tension.

With numerous extras such as pre-stretch, memory, knot function, etc.


Warranty 3 years.

€1,090.00 With TAX 21% €1,090.00 Without TAX


Stringing tension adjustable in 0.1 kg steps for an even more individual stringing result.

Especially suitable for multifilament strings or when you like a perfect finish.

3 different tension speeds

6-point frame fixation

Suitable for all racquet shapes as well as for squash and badminton

Semi-automatic clamp base of very high quality. By dropping the clamps into the clamp base, the locking mechanism opens automatically.

Including 2 pieces of Diamond Pro clamps (the inside of the clamps are coated with diamond powder).