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Learn the lift or cut and transform your tennis for more power, control and consistency.

It also acts as a guide where the racquet should pass after impact.

It can be adjusted from 73 cm to 90 in several positions.

Carrying bag included.

Useful for tennis and paddle.

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Until today there was no product that would help in teaching this stroke in a complete way, combining the rotation effect with the follow through or follow through of the stroke.

The Topspin Pro helps to improve the biomechanics of the stroke with an exercise of repetitions, which will help to improve the muscle memory of the movement.

From the Technology Sport team we have developed new uses for this product:

With the top top window removed we let the student can also hit flat by advancing the racquet exit and also for volleys.

In addition, we can use the Topspin Pro without the tripod so that it can be held by the teacher and we can also work on slice effects and fixed or combined impacts at different heights.

 Why does the Topspin Pro work?

The Topspin Pro guides to the correct racquet angle at the entry and exit of the stroke.

The Topspin guides the 30 centimeters pre and post stroke and "forces" the use of the wrist to generate the effect.

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