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Weiss CANNON Red Ghost 200m

Weiss CANNON Red Ghost 200m

Weiss Cannon Black 5 Edge is a 5-sided co-poly that our playtesters have found to provide phenomenal accuracy on full swings.

The accuracy is due in part to the tremendous grip, greatly enhanced by the five edges of this string that make it easy to hit spin.

The easy access to spin was immediately noticeable, and made our playtesters feel like they had greater control over the ball's trajectory and angle. Also contributing to the accuracy was the decidedly moderate power level of this string.

Not too springy and not too stiff.

All in all, while this shaped co-poly isn't likely to have enough power or comfort for beginners or players with compact strokes, it offers big hitters truly exceptional control, especially if they like to hit with heavy topspin.

Color Black

Length 200 meters.

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